Just Do It

There is absolutely no reason to believe actors, athletes, or any other celebrities are more knowledgeable or insightful than the rest of us about political or social issues. Like everyone, they are entitled to expressing their opinions – but those opinions need not be screamed out to the world as they do the actual jobs they are being paid so highly to do. As with most of us in this world, their work and their opinions should have separate venues for expression. 

When I order food at a drive-thru, I don’t need to know the cook’s political views in order to enjoy my meal. He can most certainly act on what he believes on his own time, but I don’t expect those thoughts to be seared into my burger.

When I watch a movie, I want to be entertained. When I watch sports, I want to see a game. That’s all. I really just want them to do their job.

The Rights of Facebook’s Left-based Censorship

Facebook’s censorship policies are most certainly biased, but they are not illegal in terms of violating the First Amendment. The First Amendment gives protection against government censorship, not private companies – so it doesn’t apply here. Facebook is a PRIVATE company. The fact that it is publicly traded does not remove its status as a private company able to establish its own policies. Therefore, Facebook can censor or publish, support or cancel, promote or delete, whatever or whomever it likes provided  anti-discrimination laws are not violated.

Am I defending Facebook? Sounds like it, but that’s not my point. I am actually just acknowledging the freedoms Americans have to start, own, and operate our own interests as we see fit. No matter how much I may disagree with some of Facebook’s policies, I refuse to be a member of the cancel culture. If I expect my rights to be respected – indeed, if I want to respect myself through this crazy time in history – then I cannot argue against the legal rights of another entity.

I am, of course, fully aware that the rights of many are being violated by the riots, restrictions, and exceptions currently being illegally and unconstitutionally permitted and supported across this country, but to argue against the rights of others will not fix that. Yep – gotta say it – two wrongs still don’t make a right. Any of us can and should still make the decision to be the example of American freedom of thought, no matter the level of agreement. Legally, we are all still permitted our thoughts and opinions, in spite of the fact that those who participate in cancel culture are working, often viciously and violently, to suppress voices they dislike. The point of America is supposed to be that ALL voices have the right to be PEACEFULLY heard. The VIOLENCE needs to be stopped, NOT the voices.

So – yes, I do disagree with Facebook’s censorship policies, but they have the right to those practices and we all have the right to leave the platform if we can’t deal with it. Nobody is forcing us to stay. At the moment, Facebook is a convenient free service for staying in touch with friends and family so I will continue to take advantage until I find something better.

All of this being said, if anyone knows of another, similar platform with less censorship – I’m listening.